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Future VLE 2011

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Graham Healing
15 August 2011

Where: Medlar/Juniper Rooms, The Hub, Walton Hall

Time: 10.00 - 12.30, 18 October 2011

This event was recorded and is available to OU staff via Stadium.

This event started with three short presentations:

  • 'Where are we now': Rhodri Meredith (LTS): RAP and 'where are we now' with Learning Systems
  • 'Next steps': Liz Burton-Pye (LTQ office): Work with LSVG (Learning Systems Visioning Group) on the next roadmap with learning systems (Presentation)
  • 'Distant horizon': Will Woods (IET) considers the 'distant horizon' of future learning systems.  (Presentation)

'Building stories' activity

This hands-on activity focussed on users and building stories based on what the attendees know about them from their experiences as students, tutors, course authors and developers, involved in learning, support, research or management connected with the VLE. The activity allowed them to contribute and compare stories and assumptions about learners, putting their experiences and objectives at the centre of the discussion. They were introduced to and worked with a card set of personas representing a range of learners/system users and thought about how they would feel faced with a range of scenarios introduced to them during Will Woods' presentation. 

This part of the event encouraged the participants to be creative as well as prompting some interesting small group debates.

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Future Learning Systems presentation Oct 2011

Future Learning Systems presentation Oct 2011

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