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Elluminating the student experience - Associate Lecturers and other experts

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Graham Healing
15 August 2011

Where: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2, Walton Hall (and in Elluminate)

Time: 10.00 - 15.00, 15 November 2011

This event was recorded and is available to watch via Stadium.

This event was jointly organised by Student Services and the eLC team and took place face to face and on Elluminate. It featured ALs talking about what  works well and discussions about their issues and experiences and what areas (elsewhere in the OU) require more development to enable ALs to get the best from Elluminate.

  • ‘Confidently Introducing Students to Elluminate’ Anna Sydenham (Science)
    Many students express the fact that they feel scared to join in an Elluminate session for the first time. This session provided an opportunity to explore the various ways one can ease the students into this initial learning experience and encourage them to be confident with Elluminate and so get the very best out of online conferencing.
  • ‘S155 online short module - an AL perspective’ Victoria Nicholas and Jane Kendall-Nicholas (Science)
    Vic and Jane presented their experiences of tutoring S155 and showed the role of Elluminate within an online short module.  Issues covered 
    • the features of Elluminate that have been used
    • how to encourage student interaction
    • how the ALs and module team have worked together to change the Elluminate delivery over the first few presentations of the module.
  • ‘Creative use of Elluminate (using whiteboards and other tools)’ Elke St John (FELS)
    Elluminate provides various whiteboard and other tools that can be exploited during online tutorials. This presentation will demonstrated some imaginative ways of using these tools. Ideas were provided for
    • teaching and using whiteboards creatively in the plenary
    • activities in break-out rooms
  • ‘Using Elluminate to deliver a guided tour of StudentHome’ Anne Verries-Wade (FELS)
    My experiences of using Elluminate as an induction tool to module websites, how confidentiality was addressed, and snapshots of Sports Pilot team teaching experiences.
  • ‘From face-to-face to Elluminate?’ Catherine Scanlon (FHSC) and Sarah Bloomfield (FBL)
    Drawing on experiences from two faculties, this section was based on a pilot introduction of Elluminate in FHSC, and regular use of Elluminate in the Business school. The adaptation of the face-to-face experience to Elluminate tutorials online wa considered.
  • ‘Elluminate Pathways to proficiency’ Pradeep Sharma
    This session discussed and demonstrated a Moodle site that brings together Elluminate resources from across the University. This site has a compilation of resources used in faculties and various units across the University and is an attempt to collate, categorise and structure these existing resources. Resources in the site will present ‘pathways’ that Associate Lecturers can follow and their line managers can help organise training for.
  • Rapporteurs – Walter Pisarski (AL Exec rep) & Jane Jones (Regional Manager, Faculty of Business and Law )
    • ‘What issues emerge?’ (identified by the rapporteurs)
    • Discussion ‘What works well & what needs work?’
  • ‘Faculty support for ALs in teaching with Elluminate’ John Pettit and Perry Williams
    John and Perry presented examples of support for Elluminate provided by FELS and Arts – including the responses of ALs and students to the support offered. They also demonstrated some of the ways in which Elluminate has been used for teaching, and discuss technical aspects of its formal use.
  • General discussion - what are the key messages to take away about good practice?

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