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FoRC Rm Karlsruhe (social platform/continuity/citizen science/crowdsourcing)

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Simon Buckingham Shum
15 August 2011

Working materials from the FoRC Workshop group meeting in this room.

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How do we build a community online that continues and supports the discussions that are occurring at this meeting. Examples from Tim of pain research community and STEMBook. Successful communities with a range of different access and moderation models. How do we organize/host build such a service and maintain. The general vs the specific case of this meeting. If this is an exemplar need to be able to interlink with other such instances. Build a set of resources relevant to some of the communities that are represented here eg NLP, semantic markup, lab records to provide a nucleus to 'ignite the community'. Options at fdifferent degrees of sophistication and cost. Simple google group through to full time editors and contributors driving content creation and discussion. Overall suggestion: build an aggregation and community site with comentary, content, and pointers to resources, possibly with some built in platforms for testing. Explicity aim to obtain resource to develop to the content, provoke discussion, and curate over time as well as development work. Aim to host both information andd discussion, explicitly surface tensions and disagreements both as a way of 'getting to e bottom of issues' and providing a compelling contt offering that will be seen as a key destination for those interested in this broad area.

Cameron Neylon
15:56 on 16 August 2011

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Cameron Neylon
2:24pm 16 August 2011

How can we make the community sustainable? Tim, experiences of building viable community sites. We are a current group of people meeting physically. What is the goal in terms of taking that group online and/or buidling a wider community?

Cameron Neylon
2:28pm 16 August 2011

What is the community? How do we define who is a member? Some disagreement about how you define who should be a member.

Simon Buckingham Shum
6:06pm 16 August 2011

Dialogue Maps from Tues afternoon as maps and as outline (exports from Compendium)

Simon Buckingham Shum
7:11pm 16 August 2011 (Edited 5:40am 18 August 2011)

Additional comments made from Tues evening plenary:

  • important role to coordinate action around quick-wins, not just Grand Challenges
  • develop Wikipedia entries relevant to FoRC
  • think about the name - FoRC may not be the best...
  • form a society?
  • beware the lack of follow-up to Beyond the PDF: why is this different?
    • Tim has a lot of experience with setting up forums dedicated to research into medical conditions - these have attracted funding to employ staff to make them dynamic. Big names attract participation
  • we need branding visibility
  • important to have internal discussion that adds real value to us
  • FoRC is very diffuse, not like medical condition research communities. Can we really come together?
    • Alzheimer Forum was working with a very fragmented community as well though...
    • Bio-informaticians are a similar story: they were a very fragmented community originally
  • The Budapest Open Access Manifesto is a good example for us to examine - a manifesto can be a rallying point
  • What's the business model for sustaining this?
  • How does this relate to other scholarly publishing forums? Will it have a distinctive focus?
  • Danger of it failing, and doing FoRC a disservice?...
  • Explore the concept further!...

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