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Use this cloud to ask any questions about Open University Library resources and services.

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Stephen Gray
17 August 2011

Answers to FAQs about the Library are included on StudentHome. See the 'During your studies' section on the 'Help' page.

Guidance is also available from the Help and support page on the Library website.

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Online tutorials are also available from the OU LIbrary. These include -

  • Introduction to Library services
  • How to do a literature search
  • How to find electronic books
  • How to find electronic journals
  • How to use RefWorks
  • Right cites: avoiding plagiarism and citing correctly

More information about these sessions (and others) is available from the Online training sessions page on the Library website.

Stephen Gray
14:59 on 6 September 2011 (Edited 09:26 on 12 December 2011)

If you'd like to visit and borrow loan items from an academic library but live too far away from Milton Keynes to join the OU Library, you can apply for membership and borrowing rights at participating university libraries through a scheme called SCONUL Access (Society for COllege, National and University Libraries). Please see the 'Libraries near you' section of the Students page on the OU Library website for more information. The page also includes a link to the SCONUL Access website which lists all the academic libraries currently participating in the scheme.

Stephen Gray
08:34 on 13 September 2011 (Edited 09:28 on 12 December 2011)

A new Library website was launched this week. The new site is available at

The new Library website features 'How do I ...' guidance on many pages. It also includes information about online training sessions, access to other libraries and contact details for the Library Helpdesk.

Have a look at the Getting Started with the Online Library to find out more about Library resources. 

Stephen Gray
13:07 on 4 November 2011 (Edited 09:29 on 12 December 2011)

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