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Criteria for Effective Curriculum Design: setting the measures for use with benchmark, maturity and baseline models

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OULDI project
31 August 2011

Work in progress - we would really value your thoughts...:-)

We are looking to help facilitate the creation a set of criteria for effective curriculum design.

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Over the last year or two many have voiced a need for a better definition of what a ‘good’, ‘effective’, ‘useful’ or ‘right’ curriculum and learning design is. We believe the first hurdle is to create as complete a set of criteria as possible. These criteria could then be used for a variety of purposes such as benchmarking, maturity review, base lining and quality enhancement purposes (just as similar initiatives for benchmarking e-learning, open educational resources or assessment are beginning to do). 

What we would like from you are statements that in your experience

  1. define good, desirable, even ideal learning design processes or practices and 
  2. are expressed in such a way as to be measurable or evaluable.

As we are talking about a whole gambit of formal and informal systems, it may help to think in turn about both the processes or practices associated with the following activities:

  • Course Design facilitation
  • Staff Training and Support
  • Quality assurance of final product/service
  • Management control and strategy
  • Communication of guidelines and support
  • Stakeholder engagement and involvement
  • Financial management
  • Risk and innovation management
  • Standards, guidelines and responsibilities
  • Management of resources
  • Monitoring, measurement and evaluation of processes

This list is not definitive but intended to spark your thoughts. Please add to as many suggestions as possible in the comments below (or on our Google Docs sheet) and, at least every couple of weeks throughout the Autumn, we will be producing an updated compilation for people to review. Your suggestions could be something quite broad, or something quite specific, however do make sure each is phrased as single sentence statement (although feel free to add an explanation afterwards if you’d like). Likewise, if you know of existing criteria that could be useful do let us know the URL.

Thank you for your contribution!

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