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Home Group 3

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Roger Mills
14 September 2011

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Roger Mills
5:50pm 14 September 2011


Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
12:11pm 17 September 2011

Hello again!

thank you for setting this cloud up. We tried this environment with Gráinne Conole who was in our home group and sett up a cloud for us 2 years ago at the Cambridge conference. Since then Cloudworks has been growing and it is interesting to read an article by Gráinne and  others on the subject in a new issue of IRRODL which as a focus on connectivism. Will add a link to the article.

Very much looking forward to attending the conference (my third one) and meeting you all! The concept of the home groups is great and has been  working extremely well. Hopefully we can even enhance that experience with the use of this conference cloud..





Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
8:04pm 25 September 2011

Hello. The majority of the people in our home group made it to the first session (13 out of 17). We have a great diversity in terms of country origin: There are 5 from Africa (Nigeria, Sout Africa), 5 from the Americas (Canada, Mexico, USA), 2 from Asia (China and Thailand), and 5 from Europe (Iceland, Sweden, and UK). We tried organising our home group into smaller groups. So far we have Francisca, Yolanda, Paul and Supannee in the red/fire group; Shuting, Deborah and myself in the yellow light/air group; Deanna, Peter, and Nataly in the green/earlth group, and Jeanette, Patrick, and Johan in the blue/water group. People in each group got to know each other a little bit and then started discussing issues related to the keynote. Each group ntroduced each members and then the main points they had been discussing. We will be relying on a scribe for each group to keep notes. Hopefully we can use the Cloudworks to present the ideas.So more to come I trust during the conference. Bless (=bye, Icelandic for be blessed) for now.

Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
5:14pm 26 September 2011

In the session today we welcomed two new members, one from Nigeria (Eunice) and another from the UK (Nichola). We did not divide into smaller groups but had one big circle with everyone having their say in relation to Stamenka's Uvalic-Trumbic's keynote today: Higher Education: Open to the World?. There were many points that were brought up in the discussion.Unfortunately I did not remind the scribes to take notes so is relying on them and other members of the group to contribute here and/or for the last session.

We did not address specifically each question brought up: 1. Is there a limit to the size of a distance learning institute before it becomes unmanageble? 2. Is the for-profit sector better equipped to provide quality ODL than the public sector? Are OER's yet another technology fad that will pass? But touched on topics related to all of them.

In relation to the first two questions some  things we talked about were issues of quality and the importance of blending research and teaching at the university level. 

Several people in the group appeared sceptical concerning OER's. I mentioned that it was interesting to compare  the use of open source software (including Moodle) to use of OER's. I can see a big trend at least in Iceland regarding attitudes and acceptance of the use of free and open source technical solutions. Many of our schools especially after the financial crisis are moving in that direction. When it comes to OER's I think we may have a much trickier situation. Learning resources or content is perhaps more tied to place, customes and culture and it was brought up in the group that e.g. Open University only offered content that was produced by OU staff.

Well - happy hour coming up, so bless for now, hope to hear more from the rest of the group soon.


Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
10:10pm 26 September 2011

27.9. Keynote 3 - Nurend Baijnath: Zeal, agility and benefaction in cross border delivery: An African Perspective.

Questions for discussion

1. Is the traditional notion of the university as a public good (with the ideals of academic freedom and institutional autonomy) in danger of being marginalized in the face of the massifciation and commodification of higher education? Are distance learning institutions mere instruments in the mass production of skilled person  power? Or do they have a role to play in the preservation of the ideals of a university?

2. How can we promote social justice and development through greater "brain circulation" between the developed and the developing world, and between well-endowed and less endowed institutions in the global distance learning fraternity?

3. How can the commercial aims of most cross border delivery be married defensibly and sustainably to a developmental agenda?

Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
8:33am 28 September 2011 (Edited 8:35am 28 September 2011)

What does justice mean fto you and how can this conception of justice be implemented in ODEL?

How can digital technologies help us achive our social justice ambitions?

What are the probable, prferable and possible socially just futures of ODEL?

Roger Mills
10:31am 28 September 2011

Thanks very much for your report Solveig

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