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Roger Mills
14 September 2011

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Hi Everyone:

I want to thank Anne to keep us together, and Alan and Roger and all to you who made this possible. This is the most impressive group of experts in distance education I have ever interacted with. Thank you so much for  all the pearls of wisdom you brought to Cambridge. You all will be always in my heart and I pray to see you again, sometime soon.

Warm regards,



Yolanda Gayol
02:14 on 24 October 2011

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Roger Mills
9:48am 25 September 2011

well it is 9 am sunday morning and kate and ANNE ARE MAKING LAST MINUTE ARRANGEMENTS.

They have set out quite a lot of material wnich can be taken away

9 am sunday morning  the calm before the storm. Kate and Anne have set out quite a few doucuments  for you to take away. they are listed below

Material from the UK OK

From Open Learning

From London University International Programmes

and a comprehensive document from the Commonwealth Secretariat-- 'Commonwealth Education Partnerhips

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone, old friends and those for whom this is their first Cambridge Conference

Roger Mills
2:27pm 25 September 2011

in his welcome and introduction,Alan Tait asked conference members to focus on the three concepts of the conference,namely


social justice

and open distance and eleearning

and discuss the real possibilities of alignment.

Roger Mills
2:31pm 25 September 2011

alan davis from empire state college gave the first keynote, and talked about the mission of the college and its realationship to the three conference concepts.

His paper and all the keynotes will on the conference web site after the conference

Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
9:02pm 26 September 2011

I must say it has been a very enjoyable conference so far for me - great to meet new people and old friends from earlier conferences. I have attended many interesting sessions yesterday and today with good discussions. Thank you organisers, presenters and fellow conference guests.

I was especially inspired today by Mohammed Rezwan's presentation: Solar powered floating schools in flood-prone Bangladesh: Opportunities and challenges.The video documentary gave a really good insight into the project which involves ingeneous problem solving! The paper is in the R-section of the proceedings
But it is more fun to see and hear, possible to Google and look at video results on Youtube or ask the author himself during the conference.

Roger Mills
10:30am 28 September 2011

many thanks to all who have posted comments on the cloud.  it is a very interesting repository of ideas and comments.


Gill Kirkup
11:02am 29 September 2011

Thank you all for a great 4 days. I've blogged about the conference - but not about its outcomes I realise. Anyone is welcome to add comments to the blog.

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