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Research related to teaching and learning mathematics online and in the open (a literature review)

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Andrew Brasher
18 September 2011

This is an ongoing review of literature related to teaching and learning mathematics online, and via open educational resources and collaborations. It is an attempt to identify best practices and research findings related to enabling students to attain the mathematics skills and concepts necessary for participation in undergraduate degree level courses (not just undergraduate maths courses, any course requiring maths).

Three overlapping areas to focus on have been identified
• best practice in teaching and learning mathematics online
• mechanisms for engendering effective support (e.g. through peers)
• mechanisms for dealing with math anxiety syndrome.

The review is available on Gogle Docs: (if you find it useful please do let me know).

If you have any comments (e.g. suggestions of particular papers or topics, or criticisms of the review) please do post them here.


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