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Research Methods in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Level 1) LAMS and Learning Design

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Chris Alexander
22 September 2011


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This is a  sample of a full stand-alone elearning course sequence that could be used in a blended learning or self-study environment. As some students often miss lessons for various reasons, this kind of online technology provides a valuable lifeline. Lack of attendance at face-to-face lectures may become a serious issue in the UK as more students seek part or fulltime work during their studies. The universities that cater for such students by providing good-quality e-support of this type may be seen as more attractive places at which to study. So I argue even though the face-to-face lecture should be a richer learning experience, such e-materials may find their niche in university programmes too.

There are 12 full  flash-based recorded lectures with accompanying activities. The sequence can be adapted to include additional tasks depending on context. Each lecture has intelligent recorded quizzes that give feedback depending questions. Moreover there are additional graded quizzes that further check student understanding of lecture content. There is a detailed online final exam to be taken in an approved supervised testing centre.

The LAMS learner environment in this sequence includes floating activities such as public forum, Group Skype, how to revise for the final (shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen). In a nutshell, this learning design also shows the potential for how an entire course might be offered using high-level flash-based content to a non-resident international student at very low content creation cost (ie practically nothing, except for my time!). Moreover, video conferencing features could be included to incorporate synchronous learning technologies.

Also note the LAMS video recorder  allows video exchange between students instead of just using the usual written QAs Forums etc

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