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Early Years (K802-11J)

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K802 Module Team
23 September 2011

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K802 Module Team
08:19 on 23 September 2011 (Edited 08:19 on 23 September 2011)

Here is a link to The Tickell Review of the EYFS: 'The Early Years: Foundations for life, health and learning'  An Independent Report on the Early Years Foundation Stage to Her Majesty's Government.{B15EFF0D-A4DF-4294-93A1-1E1B88C13F68}Tickell review.pdf

The background to the review  - 'On 6 July 2010, Children’s Minister Sarah Teather asked Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive of Action for Children, to carry out an independent review of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to consider how this could be less bureaucratic and more focused on supporting children’s early learning. 

The review covers four main areas: 

  • scope of regulation – whether there should be one single framework for all Early Years providers
  • learning and development – looking at the latest evidence about children’s development and what is needed to give them the best start at school
  • assessment – whether young children’s development should be formally assessed, at a certain age, and what this should cover
  • welfare – the minimum standards to keep children safe and support their healthy development.

The review reported on 30 March 2011 with a view to implementing any changes from September 2012 onwards.'

Sarah James
14:27 on 17 November 2011

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