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This cloud relates to the emergence of the theme of integrated working which has dominated social welfare policy in recent years, and is my response to Practice Activity 1.5.  The sources I have choosen are a speech by Tony Blair which heralds the dawn of this strategy, with the emphasis on all agencies, professionals and individuals working together; and the other two sources are reports from LARC which examines whether these practices are working. A further LARc report is due out in December and when it is available I will post it. The reports are only relevant to English authorities.

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Ruth Hamilton
8:45pm 21 November 2011

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Ruth Hamilton
8:53pm 21 November 2011

I have also used this speech by Tony Blair as one of my resources for this activity.It suggests a multipronged approach to helping children and young people maximize their life chances.My two other sources look at possible negative impact of safeguarding practices on children, young people and their families and the need to raise the standards of care for children in care. 

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