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LDSE project

A Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE) for Teachers and Lecturers

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Gráinne Conole
4 December 2008

The new TLRP ESRC TEL project that Diana Laurillard talked about in her keynote at the LAMS conference and the 'Learning through Inquiry; teachers as designers' workshop in Sydney, 5-10th Dec. 08

Focus of the LDSE project is

  1. Need to understand how to foster collaborative learning among teachers as learners about e-learning
  2. Teachers need to be more like researchers
  3. They lack the tools and means to do it, to build on each others work, redesign, experiment, share, reflect and collaborative

User requirements elicited around 6 areas

  1. Planning – align components of LD within and between diff levels of course, module etc
  2. Decision-making – review implications of a decision for other parts of the process & revise
  3. Progressive innovation – link to relevant advice etc
  4. Analysis – inspect/edit explicit models of internal relations (allocation of time), compare different models
  5. Collaboration – share/discus designs, learn from each other & build on each others ideas
  6. Administration – allocate lecturer’s time, learner’s time, estimate costs, publish schedules, provide document for audit and validation

Relevant publications

  • Laurillard, D. (2008) ‘The teacher as action researcher:Using technology to capture pedagogic form', Studies in Higher Education, 33 (2), 139-154.
  • San Diego, J. Laurillard,D.,Boyle, T., Bradley, C., Llubojevic, Neumann, T. and Pearce, D (2008) 'Toward a user-orientated approach to learning design' ALT-J, 16 (1) 15-29.

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