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Scotland (K802-11J)

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K802 Module Team
23 September 2011

Adding journal article references to Clouds

The links to journal articles accessed via the Library website cannot be shared so the articles should be added as academic references.

Accessing the full text of journal articles

To access journal articles, go to the Library homepage, select Ejournals under 'Recommended links' and enter the journal title in the search box. You will see links to the years/volumes of the journal for which the full text of articles is available. Follow the relevant link to find the article you are looking for, which will be available either in PDF or HTML format.

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K802 Module Team
8:33am 11 October 2011

Naomi, I'm afraid your link to the free online community education journal in Scotland doesn't seem to be working.

- Martin

Naomi Stanton
10:28am 11 October 2011

Thanks for pointing that out - have fixed it I think. Let me know if the edited link works your end,


K802 Module Team
11:39am 11 October 2011

It works now, Naomi!


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