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Students as designers

Keynote by Leanne Cameron at LAMS conference

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Gráinne Conole
4 December 2008

Keynote by Leanne Cameron, Matthew Kearney and students at LAMS conference.

Gen Y students who are comfortable self publishers, letting them use LAMS as a tool for them.

The value of being able to preview sequences even for experienced teachers.

Working with trainee student teachers, number of aspirations:

  1. Help student teachers develop their thinking with tools and how to use LAMS
  2. and to build confidence and attitude towards technologies.
  3. Use LAMS as a key immersion tool – design, create, implement and evaluate an
  4. online course
  5. LAMS as a vehicle to think about elearning
  6. Develop insights into learning designs
  7. Develop teaching strategies
  8. Develop insights into learning spaces
  9. Develop skills for evaluating their task (eg listening to children)
  10. Participate in a professional learning community

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