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Alex Moseley
25 September 2011

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Alex Moseley
2:34pm 25 September 2011

DE is the form of education which can still do most for most students; but it is not doing enough in the area of social justice, due to poor finance, poor approaches.

Focus now on making money: how can institutions do this and yet perform an effective function

Cultural issues: local reliances on grants/accreditation which skew curricula; access to ICT

Open curriculum: does need some structure;

International input into online discussions.

Social justice: do all western institutions look at this from self-interest/market/finance terms?

Internationalising own curriculum - in ODE? How can we 'transfer' culture/international issues online?

Need to create level playing field: at the moment all curricula/research etc. based on western/elite forms. Need to go back to common level.

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