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Yolanda Gayol
27 September 2011

What essential features of Western/European higher education (content, ways of knowing, pedagogy) are helpful to expanding social justice internationally?

The quesion is not good. By defining the question in terms of  Western education sets itself as the standard 

We should work out of a prescribing systems to enable:

  • the recognition of other ways of thinking (indigenous knowledge, nont Westernized definition of the history of science and knoweldge (Mayan mathematical system Mayan and Aztec Calendars, knowledge about the Universe, literature etc)
  • We need to think not just in terms of the pedagogy of the oppressor but in terms of the pedagogy of the oppressed (Freire and Illich)
  • Learning from the West how to compete and we forget how to collaborate
  • Traditional and spiritual ways of knowing are marginalized and subordinated
  • Western education encourages competition and independence but that leads to social isolation
  • We should ask instead which assets from diverse cultures do we have to improve the social justice agenda? All the cultures have assets and problems we need to think of the positive contributions of a diversity of societies.

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