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An affordance perspective to web 2.0 supported collaborative learning activities.

Andrew Cram presentation at LAM 2008, Sydney

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Gráinne Conole
5 December 2008

Central premise is that Web 2.0 has intuitive appeal but no clear guidance,

presentation showed how they are using a combination of Actiivity theory and Affordances as

a framework for better understanding students collaborative activities with web 2.0 tools.

TRAC software development project support system
Use of the wiki majority posting messages or exchanging files, only one group

used it as a web 2.0 collaborative tool
Issues in terms of the degree to which students see the value of collaboration

in their learning
Building on notion of affordances Gibson (79) Norman (88)
"Possibilities of actions between an organism and the environment -

application of this to use of web 2.0 in a learning context"

Five levels of engagement seen in initial results:
1. no affordances use
2. communication affordances
3. file sharing
4. extended communication and file sharing
5. combined above with affordance related to resource aggregation and personalisation

Plan to do a series of case studies to capture detailed understanding of

how students collaborative or not with web 2.0

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