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Securities Market Regulation Online Role Play

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Sandra Wills
29 September 2011


This online role-play design:

  • facilitates the use of subrogation by graduate lawyers and business people into roles that they are not accustomed to being;
  • enables students to reflect on the real-world of business within a series of evolving scenarios;
  • requires students to research real people and understand their positions;
  • provides the opportunity for students to interact with a series of Press Releases that change the world from real time to the future; and
  • facilitates public and private communications across a range of players.

Theoretical and practical frameworks are taught in advance between law and finance. Demonstrations of previous role-plays and group discussions occur before and after the two-week exercise.

A fuller description is at:


Mark Freeman and Michael Adams

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Description using Design Decisions Framework

Description using Design Decisions Framework

added by Sandra Wills


Sandra Wills
1:50pm 30 September 2011

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