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Political Science Simulation

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Sandra Wills
29 September 2011


The role-play simulation spans a period of 5 weeks and has students assuming the role of members of the United Nations Security Council. The Security Council has been convened to discuss the critical issue of the sanctions imposed on Iraq.

The learning design has been divided into the three critical phases normally associated with role-play activities: planning and preparation, interaction, and reflection and evaluation. The first phase sees students preparing for the activity by researching their particular role. For this they are provided with specific references for their role and general references regarding international diplomacy, both electronic and paper-based. The next phase involves both face-to-face and electronic communication in the form of “meetings” of the UN Security Council and secret diplomacy via the web site. The final phase involves students reverting to themselves and reflecting on the process and experience, leading to a collaborative group report.

Facilitation of the activity by tutors is critical, particularly during the interaction phase. A fuller description is at:


Samina Yasmeen and Michael Fardon, University of Western Australia

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Description of learning design using Design Decisions Framework

Description of learning design using Design Decisions Framework

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Sandra Wills
1:47pm 30 September 2011

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