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Session 1: Tools and Resources (Mike Sharples)

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Yishay Mor
2 October 2011

Chair: Mike Sharples

Rapporteurs: Marta López, Begoña Gros

This cloud is a nexus for the "Tools and Resources" session at ASLD 2011. It includes the papers accepted for that session, and notes of the discussion around them.


Themes and issues which emerged from the discussion

  1. How to support teachers in enhancing their practice?
    We considered the gap between classroom practice and expertise needed to use LD tools, and the ddifficulty of capturing the complexity of classroom practices in LD. We noted that this is reminiscent of discussions on expert system in the 1980s - capturing requirements, eliciting tacit knowledge, understanding contextualised practice, representing situated practice in a form that adequately represents the complexity.
  2. Integration - of LD tools, and of tools and approaches, and of tools and practice. 
  3. Narrowing the gap: Abstracted theory <-> theory-informed dynamic representations <-> contextual practice. What should be the intermediate representations? Design patterns?
  4. Enabling creativity - how to capture and share creativity, in the design and in the teaching practice

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