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Luis Pablo Prieto, Yannis Dimitriadis and Sara Villagrá-Sobrin: Representing learning design and classroom orchestration through atomic patterns

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Yishay Mor
5 October 2011

Learning designers have tried to find new ways of conceptualizing their designs in a graphical way, both to communicate with others and for themselves to reflect and create new designs. However, few representations of LD take into account how the activities will actually unfold when the design is enacted in a classroom. This paper proposes a representation for learning designs (especially collaborative learning designs using multiple ICT tools), which tries to depict how the activities are actually enacted by the teacher in the classroom, using the notion of "atomic patterns". This notion can be used by designers to provide more detail into how the different elements of the classroom ecosystem can be used, as well as by teachers to enrich their own learning designs. Initial evidence from teacher workshops in primary and higher education is also provided.

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Teachers have to orchestrate designs in authentic TEL settings (VLE, physical spaces) & translate pedagogical principles.

For that they propose a LD representation based on a research that:

-          Represents CSCL through a visual representation of the learning flow

-          Plus identifying recurrent actions- pattern recognition

-          Use atomic patterns to introduce LD and enactment of CSCL to the teachers

They created a representation of teaching practice based on observation of teachers teaching. Then they use this representation to assist teacher LD

Marcelo Fabián Maina
13:45 on 13 October 2011

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Presentation for Prieto et al., "Representing LD..."

Presentation for Prieto et al., "Representing LD..."

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John Cook
8:10am 12 October 2011

Had problems accessing this paper, will take a look now got it ...

Gemma Corbalan
1:46pm 13 October 2011

What is really happening in the classroom was partly uncover by observed teacher practice: Good! On which aspects did you focus during those observations?

Luis P. Prieto
8:24am 14 October 2011

Well, we focused mostly on what we refer to as orchestration: how teachers design, how they manage the class, how they assess during the class, which modifications they make on-the-fly... and looking especially to recurrent elements in all these aspects.

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