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Dejan Ljubojevic and Diana Laurillard: Pedagogical Pattern Collector software tool

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Yishay Mor
5 October 2011

This paper describes one of the key strands of the three-year ESRC/EPSRC funded, research project titled Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE One of the principal strategies adopted by the LDSE project is to enable teachers to build on the work of others by providing the support tools to assist them in finding, interpreting, evaluating, and, reusing/redesigning the work of their colleagues. Operationalising that strategy requires a way of representing the theory and practice of learning design so that the analytical links, between the pedagogical first principles and the practice-instances, are exposed and offered to practitioners as support. 

The Pedagogical Pattern Collector (PPC) tool is a proposal for operationally modeling design, abstraction, and interpretation of pedagogical patterns. Underpinning the design of the PPC is the Conversational Framework (Laurillard, 2002). The Conversational Framework (CF) offers analytical means for dissecting any approach to teaching and learning (teaching and learning conversation) and is not value-laden, that is, it does not prescribe, or favour, any one approach.

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Web application (requirements a browser running Flash Player 10) available at: 

The PPC short video guide is available at:

Yishay Mor
14:03 on 7 October 2011 (Edited 16:34 on 11 October 2011)

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