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The use a usefulness of non-asssessed online learning - tracking students behaviour on LAMS

Eva Dobozy presentation at LAMS 08, Sydney

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Gráinne Conole
5 December 2008

Eva was talking about her use of LAMS for tracking student behaviour

Good teaching?
Active and participatory learning desing
A challenge on traditional choke and talk

What students say and what they do are very different things

Structured controversy approach to triggering student interest
Pros and cons arguments
Understanding values positions
Use contemporary real like problems
Developing students problem solving skills
and reflective abilities

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
Demand effort and engagement with the learning content
Option against a reward structure

SimEx1 - a simulation exercise
Imagine u are the head of steering committee framing code of ethics for teaching.

Preparing for next meeting and have open a mind map page and

drawn three circles for the main concept. Skim Australia 2020 report and

note shared values and then list your values

Students evaluation

Students said: If you want me to do LAMS you need to make it assessed

Series of simuation exercises over 7 weeks,

student participation dramatically decreased week by week

Quality of contribution more simple statements,

than inquiry based arguement orevaluative position taking

Even if students engae with the learning material,

the engagement is most often shallow rather than deep


There is a need for a change in practice

Need to better understand the barriers to deep engagement

Structured approach to generic skills building needed

Great need for monitoring student engagement levels with non-assessed learning tasks

More detailed AARE paper and Ascilite paper

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