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Helen Walmsley: The e-Design Template: a pedagogic guide for elearning designers

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Yishay Mor
5 October 2011

The e-Design Template is a simple (Word-based) pedagogic template that guides teachers and tutors when planning e-Learning. It highlights a small number of principles for good e-Learning and invites users to focus on learning activities that embed these principles. The template suggests activities for a range of delivery patterns 
including distance and blended learning and can be used to design curriculum-focused 
or tool-focused e-Learning. It has been used successfully to design small courses, whole awards and to review existing e-Learning designs, and is available in an online community of practice that discusses and develops the template and the associated e-learning activities.

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Yishay Mor
14:15 on 7 October 2011

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Begoña Gros
1:20pm 13 October 2011

Best practice models for e-learning.

To identify and model good practice.

To create template with principles for elearnig: active induction (closed tasks), guided exploration (closed and some open activities), facilitated investigation (open activities), self-organised learner (open projects).

E-learning needs a diversity of assessment, and an increase of diversity of interaction.

The template is useful for teaching design, design of activities

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