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Thomas Ryberg, Lillian Buus, Marianne Georgsen, Tom Nyvang and Jacob Davidsen: Introducing the Collaborative E-learning Design method (CoED)

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Yishay Mor
5 October 2011

In this paper the main aim is to introduce and explain the Collaborative E-learning Design method (CoEd), which has been developed through various project in e-Learning Lab – Centre for User Driven Innovation, Learning and Design (Nyvang & Georgsen, 2007). We briefly situate this method within the wider area of Learning Design, where after we present the theoretical background of the CoED method. We illustrate the method through discussing its concrete implementation in a recently finished EU-funded LLP-project (EAtrain2).

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Presentation of CoED

Presentation of CoED

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Begoña Gros
1:28pm 13 October 2011

Method to design learning collaboration activities (design workshop)

Are the teachers using the method?, sustainability

Participants in the workshop have to design activities, resources, tools.

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