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Ana Maia, Teresa Pessoa, Leonel Morgado and Paulo Martins: Specification of pedagogical processes and dynamics in e-learning through modeling languages

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Yishay Mor
6 October 2011

This communication presents a work that is aimed at identifying the weaknesses and limitations of existing Design Languages (DL), based on a review of different existing DL and the perspectives of different authors. 
Today we are witnessing a general expansion of e-learning. This is an area that involves the participation of various stakeholders, each with its specific contribution. Thus, communication between different actors is assumed as a decisive factor for the whole process. 
There is a meta-language, the Educational Modelling Language, to support the representation of processes in this area, which is represented by design languages (DL), as E2ML (Bottura, 2006). 
By applying DL in the group of teachers in the project of implementation and dissemination of e-learning at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, the objective of the work is propose changes to the existing DL or even a new one, to remedy the weaknesses and limitations identified. Thus, we intend to improve the level of communication and creativity provided by the DL, enhancing the success of the teaching-learning in e-learning.

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ana Margarida Maia
6:21pm 12 October 2011 (Edited 6:22pm 12 October 2011)

I all! Tomorrow will be time to discuss and share ideas. This is my PhD proposal, and i hope to get some help from you to improve my investigation project. See you tomorrow!

Begoña Gros
1:13pm 13 October 2011

Need to improve the communitation among different stateholders in e-learning design at the University.

Analysis of Educational Modelling Language to support pedagogical process and interaction.

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