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Session 2: Integration, orange group (Simos Retalis)

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Yishay Mor
12 October 2011

ChairSimos Retalis

Rapporteurs: Marcelo Maina, Joanna Wild

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Central themes and questions for a LD R&D agenda

1-Building a strong theoretical framework for LD (common understanding, explanatory and operational framework).

2-Developmental goals: a toolkit coherent with the theoretical framework.

Map out patterns. Create learning designs for learning designers. Guide practices, methods for teachers.

Create visual representations of LD for wide adoption, measure expressiveness of representations.

Holistic approach to the development of tools: complex problem that have to be articulated, manage tensions and interests.

Development of “middleware”

Involving teachers as designers. Develop a professional belonging to the design community.

3-Develop teachers attitude towards LD sharing (as musicians do, thought their common language for creating and represent their compositions)

Marcelo Fabián Maina
16:28 on 13 October 2011 (Edited 16:38 on 13 October 2011)

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