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Session 3: Learning Design Tools Bazaar

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Yishay Mor
12 October 2011

Use the Learning Design tools to express and develop your learning design.

Post a review on the tool's cloud.

60 minutes (10:30): play with a tool, implement a design

Delegates attempt to use the tools to implement the learning design using the resources that they have brought to the workshop

10 minutes: Review the tool

Using a template (A Google docs Form), each participant writes a review of the tool, the process, and how it reflects on the issues from day 1.

30 minutes: Discussion

Discussion based on the reviews. Each tool provider gets 5 minutes to present the tool and respond to reviews.

The tools presented:

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Davinia HL
9:44am 14 October 2011

I've used the CADMOS editor successfully. I've created a learning design that I typically use in a first class in a Master on Communication & Education, where students are invited to discover three very different educational scenarios where ICT are used to support learning. The learning flow is organised according to the Jigsaw pattern.

I've been able to complete the design in a reasonable time. In fact it was quite easy to create the conceptual map of the design, and its properties, and I automatically got the learning flow. When looking at the learning flow, I saw that I wanted to change aspects of the conceptual map. So I went back to the conceptual map, made the changes, and these changes were then reflected in the learning flow. Finally, I added details to the learning flow (such as synchronisation lines, etc.). A nice thing is that you also obtain the "statistics" of the design, which are helpful to reflect about the design, etc.

Daniel Burgos
10:11am 14 October 2011

In spite of some key aspects on modelling and notation, the two long-lasting missing issues with IMS-LD are: interoperability and interconnection. Cadmos promises both, from December on: it will be able to import-export Level B Units of Learning; they are working on interconnection from-to Moodle

Moodle and Lams can work with IMS-LD simple units right now. The problem is the level of complexity. I hope that Cadmos can work with Level B and Moodle, too

I cannot wait to test it from December on. Best

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