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Session 4: Plenary discussion: outputs, reflections, and ways forward

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Yishay Mor
12 October 2011

ChairsBrock Craft and Yishay Mor 

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Begoña Gros
10:59am 14 October 2011

Plenary discussion


The final audience need time to explore, experiment. The communication among researchers, designers, and users is a challenge because the complexity of the tools.

A proposal is to provide the real designs, tools, etc, in the small community to experiment, compare, use. We need different representations and scenarios.

Each tool has an idea about how people are learning, we are reflecting different models and approaches.

The tools are transforming learners


Luis P. Prieto
2:19pm 14 October 2011 (Edited 2:24pm 14 October 2011)

A bit of a shameless plug, but...

One step towards the "sexy pack" for practitioners that Yannis mentioned in the plenary discussion, to go all the way from LD to implementation: a "quick and dirty" video demo of GLUE!-PS, a system to deploy/implement LDs made with different tools, into multiple different VLEs and web 2.0 tools (part of GLUE!). In this demo, we take a LD from WebInstanceCollage ( to a VLE like Moodle, in 3 minutes:

The idea is to support, not just Moodle or WIC, but as many LD tools and VLEs/enactment platforms as possible, with low development efforts. If you think you would like to deploy LDs made with your tools in many VLEs, we can talk about it...

Helen Walmsley-Smith
10:59am 18 October 2011 (Edited 11:39am 18 October 2011)

I've moved this comment to the cloud I created for the challenge.


Yishay Mor
11:18am 18 October 2011

thanks Helen -

I posted the "post ASLD learning design challenge":

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