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Why has IMS LD not led to the advances that were hoped for?

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Timothy Goddard
13 October 2011

I'm not being lazy, I just haven't had time to add any meaningful text yet.

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Juliette Culver
10:14am 19 November 2012

Interesting presentation!

I don't think the spec was thought about from the point of view of usability for developers sufficiently. Obviously that didn't stop plenty of people (including me) implementing it, but in all honesty I never felt that I loved IMS-LD as a spec. I felt enthusiastic about the idea behind it, but not IMS-LD itself. I've also got lots of very specific quibbles too with how it chose to do thing! And of course there's the issue you mention of it being difficult to tweak things at run-time which was a major practical problem in terms of actually using it real settings.

More generally, I think content and presentation are very difficult to totally separate - how you present things can affect usability, pedagogy etc. and maybe that's actually the bigger overall stumbling block.



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