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the Design Principles Database (DPD)

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Yishay Mor
15 October 2011

The DPD is being developed as an infrastructure for designers to publish, connect, discuss and review design ideas. The database is designed to bridge research and design in a communicable and systematic manner. It also has the potential of enabling designers to build on the successes and failures of others rather than reinventing solutions that others have struggled to develop. The database is being built by and is intended to serve the community of educational software designers. Although we expect our main audience to be educational researchers who are involved in software design, we believe other audiences could also benefit. Ultimately, we envision the database informing and guiding communities harvesting their design knowledge, designers creating new applications, teachers and curriculum developers customizing and tailoring existing instructional materials, as well as graduate students in the learning sciences learning about and contributing to the design field. The database synthesizes findings from multiple research groups and also validates these findings by supporting the process of community-wide peer review of innovations.

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