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the Learning Design Challenge

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Yishay Mor
18 October 2011

At the closing plenary, it was suggested that we choose a well-tested activity, and represent is in different learning design tools. We've chosen the nQuire microclimates activity for this challenge.

To participate in this challenge:

  • read the activity description, in the demo above, and in the papers below.
  • represent this activity in the learning design tool of your choice.
  • create a cloud, with the outputs of your work and your reflections on the process. Note what you have learned about your tool, and what you have learned about learning.
  • post a comment on this cloud (in the "contribute" section) with a link to your cloud.


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Helen Walmsley-Smith
11:53am 18 October 2011

I've used the e-Design Template to show the nQuire learning design. The template can be seen in the cloud here:

Yishay Mor
9:24pm 31 October 2011


This "game" bears some similarity to the "Competitive Challenge on Adapting Activities Modeled by CSCL Scripts" workshop conducted at CSCL'09. The outputs from that workshop can be found here

However, note that this is a collaborative game, rather than a competative one. We are guided by the question "what do we learn about learning from engaging in design?". Thus, our challenge will not have a winner, but hopefully we will all win new insights on learning design, and through those - on learning.

Yishay Mor
9:24pm 31 October 2011 (Edited 9:26pm 31 October 2011)

ignore this

Valerie Emin
2:24pm 22 November 2011

I'm trying to use ScenEdit tool to formalize the nQuire learning design on microclimates. Using the demo of nQuire, we have no idea of what are the precise activities made by the pupils, unless we have more info about the scenario on Health Care, in the paper.

Is it possible to find more info on microclimates scenario or shall we turn to health eating scenario ?

Yishay Mor
3:11pm 22 November 2011

Hi Valerie,

I've added Collins et al at the top of the referneces, I hope that will have the data you need. If not, perhaps you could contact Cindy Kerawalla directly and ask her.


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