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Using the e-Design Template for the nQuire learning design

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Helen Walmsley-Smith
18 October 2011

To start the challenge, I summarised the learning design for the Microclimate topic as follows:

  • Activity 1: Students read summary material in 'Find my Topic' section. Students write own overview of what they will be focussing on.
  • Activity 2: Students write hypothesis in 'Hypothesis' section
  • Activity 3: Students read information on data and write own plan for data collection
  • Activity 4: Students collect data using method chosen and enter in 'Collect Evidence' section
  • Activity 5: Students view data using graphs etc in 'Analyse' section
  • Activity 6: Students write conclusions in 'Respond' section
  • Activity 7: Students share conclusions with others and discuss. Write summary in 'Share and Discuss' section
  • Activity 8: Students write comments on investigation in 'Reflect' section
There were insufficient details in the nQuire learning design to comment on the timings of the activities, the types of interactions and the assessment. However, it was possible to identify different levels of scaffolding of the activities and they have mapped easily to the template. 

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