New approaches to visualising learning designs

James Daziel closing keynote at LAMS 2008, Sydney

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Gráinne Conole
5 December 2008

Focus of the talk

  • Open education and where that is going and how LAMS fits within that
  • New version of LAMS V2.2 launched today
  • Ideas for new visualisations

Open Education

Cape Town Declaration provides a statement of principles for free sharing for open education.

Everyone should have the freedom to use, customize, improve and redistribute educational
resources without constraint:

  • free to use (no cost),
  • freedom to change
  • LAMS is an example of Open Education - open source software and the LAMS community
  • Capture and describe good pedagogical approaches
  • Make those approaches shareable
  • Make it easy to adapt and improve shared approaches

[but avoiding closed softeare and file formats]

Release of LAMS V2.2 - includes branching in v2.2 and optional sequences

4 new activity tools

  1. wiki,
  2. data collection,
  3. google maps,
  4. online spreadsheets
  5. New features include
  • Student selected groups,
  • text-based conditions for branching,
  • individual gates (individual release and individual conditions),
  • learning objective/competnecy description and mapping to tools - mapping tools to
  • competences (for example chat tool to 'teamwork')
  • Future plans
  • Pedagogy planner in preparation
  • Maybe combined with Cloud LAMS
  • Integration with existing tools - such as Moodle

Visual presentation of LAMS is a key feature, helps make teachers think differently

Every visualisation is a simplification

New visualisation ideas

Unified modelling language - uses severl differnet visualisations

Some possibilities (tabs to different representations)

  • Content view
  • Annotation view - great out and doodle on it in free form
  • Resizable boxes to indicate the importance of different activities
  • Alternative shapes view
  • Compentencies view
  • Suggested data flow view (with imagined data, condition/branch and group flows)
  • Individual learner view showing individual, group adn whole class task
  • Time view

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