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DS106radio4life: Open Web Radio as a Platform for Learning, Experimentation, and Collaboration

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Robert Farrow
25 October 2011

 Mikhail Gershovich &  Jim Groom

How can we harness the technology behind audio broadcast for open education?  One way is to use telephone networks to capture audio without the need for personal technology/gadgets.  Audfio can be collected from lived environments to build narratives.

DS106 Radio is used to support a course on Digital Storytelling, building a community and teaching production skills to students.  

This is a broadcast media platform for audio that can support many different communities in their teaching and learning in similar ways that blogging, etc. supports text-based sharing and collaboration.

Digital Storytelling is an emerging term, one 
that arises from a grassroots movement that
uses new digital tools to help ordinary people 
tell their own ‘true stories’ in a compelling and 
emotionally engaging form. These stories usually
take the form of a relatively short story (less
than 8 minutes) and can involve interactivity.


The contention is that universities need to proactively innovate in ways like these in order to fulfil their mandate to enagage with public audiences and share knowledge to wider audiences. The technologies are free/cheap and easy to use.

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Robert Farrow
4:36pm 25 October 2011 (Edited 3:38pm 26 October 2011)

Question: What is the value for teaching and learning here?

Answer: We use it for digital storytelling, but it's really a medium that promotes creativity and innovation.  It's open to a wide range of uses... by using Dropbox/blogging etc. it's possible to keep track of work that students are doing.  In short, it's a viable alternative to Bloackboard, Elluminate, etc.

It's often the case that there's too much going on in a VLE.  By focusing just on audio a lot of the technological complications can be avoided, making it easier for students to enagage with their learning.

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