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Robert Farrow
25 October 2011

John Rinderle & Bill Jerome

"A key factor in OER uptake is the ability of resources to be easily accessed, combined with other course materials, and presented in an appropriate context for learning. For many instructors, the learning management system (LMS) is the information hub of their course. To extend the reach of OER we feel it is critical for resources to be made easily accessible from within the LMS. This need is greater than providing a simple link."

A large motivation here is improving acess through making technological standards more usable and uniform in the face of ongoing change.  This goes beyond the traditional LMS approach and into LTI.  


  • Technology 
    • standards should serve user needs
    • Buggy implementations
    • Controlling required fields
    • Institutional support

  • Policy
    • Security and Privacy
    • Allowing instructors control of technologies
    • Making resources available to instructors
    • These problems are noteworthy in progressive institutions, let alone those who are dragging their feet!
    • Copyright & Licensing
  • User Experience
    • Critical for adoption
    • Some find complex systems usable, but many find it hard
    • Needs to be compelling to instructors too
    • Negative experience of system affects cognition and motivation
    • Where do users already have accounts? How can these be supported?
    • Merging OLI/LMS accounts?  Bridging the gap can be complex and confusing to users
    • System compatibility
    • Many moments at which the user experience can break down

The future/advanced LMS

  • Learning Analytics as standard
  • Better User Experience (more familiar, e.g. App store?)
  • Feedback loops for learning
  • 'Comprehensive' (as opposed to outcome-centred) view of learning
  • Better policies/APIs for data exchange
  • Person-led, not technology led

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