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Six Key Dilemmas Inherent to Openness in Education

Six challenges

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Robert Farrow
25 October 2011

Darren Draper
"Mere openness neither solves every problem nor comes w/o issues. Let's explore the moral, ethical, and other dilemmas inherent to sharing."

Draper identifies six key dilemmas:

  1. Why share?
    • Honing thoughts through writing, reflection
    • Assessing impact
    • Opportunites for feedback, orientation
    • Many have to be forced into it!
    • Making the most of your efforts
    • Love for humanity (!)

  2. Competition
  • Is it safe to share in a competitive world?
  • Intellectual property & institutional culture
  • Willingness to attributing the work of others
  • Do we share differently with 'friends'/'enemies?
  • Students may be unwilling to share for fear of impact on grades
  • Competing to be the most 'open'?

 3. Open PD

  • [This wasn't clear to me but apparently it's on the blog]

.4. Privacy

  • Are infringements on privacy worth it?


5. Balance

  •  Being alienated by dependency on technology?


6.Imposing on the RIghts of Others

  • Respect for the creations of others

[The latter part of this presentation felt rather rushed to me, and we didn't get much detail on some of the 'dilemmas'...RF]


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