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Robert Farrow
26 October 2011

Jim Groom
Instructional Technology Specialist / Adjunct Professor, University of Mary Washington

Groom started with a vote on the use of human mics and whether to occupy OpenEd.  There were some technological difficulties (not clear whether these were part of the gig).

He went on to talk about OpenEd 2009, noting that there was a stronger feeling of community at the time, organised around the idea of making education available to the whole world via the web.

Has the movement reached an impasse, or failed to meet up to its own potential?  NB Pot of Gold.

Groom discussed DS106 as an example of an open educational experience (OEE?) which somehow shows fidelity to the original impetus of the movement.

MOOCs have taken off, but what's lost in the MOOC system is any sense of a personal learning experience is lost.  DS106, by contrast, retains a personal element.

For more on DS106, see the Cloudscape from yesterday's session.

Content, Groom suggests, is only a part of the educational experience.  He suggests that sharing content empowers students and helps them to unlock their potential.  Through tagging and adding metadata, new repositories of lessons and learning materials are left behind for others.  Groom had much praise for Twitter as a supporting communication tool for open education.

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Following on from Josh Jarrett's keynote, Jim Groom's approach emphasised the power that open education presents to individual educator-innovators. With 'Reverend' as his nickname he held the stage from his initial emergence from a tent - from which he had been participating online along his #occupyOpenEd11 twittering. The image below, integrated into his talk and generated by Michael Branson was created during the previous keynote. If the previous speaker was measured and a man with a plan, Jim was celebrating the spontaneous opportunity of openness - in this case taking advantage of an open mike. Dazzling performance but it did leave at least some of the audience confused (what was the 29% referring to) and some I spoke to were unconvinced that the ds106 model was applicable more generally. Still, very refreshing as an example of what can be achieved through openness with stories of students striving and attaining impressively through involvement with the open course on Digital Storytelling (ds106) - see Rob's link on this.

#occupyopened graphic

Groom's blog on the presentation

YouTube video of the presentation

Alternative ds106 radio capture of the presentation

Digital Storytelling 106 - the course

ds106 radio - Reflections on the Keynote

Chris Pegler
11:09 on 31 October 2011 (Edited 11:58 on 31 October 2011)

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Jim Groom - Wednesday Morning Keynote

Jim Groom - Wednesday Morning Keynote

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