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Research, policy and practice in widening participation: the evidence from Aimhigher in the OU in the North West

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John Rose-Adams
2 November 2011

Jo Wiggans, John Sanders and Joanne Moore (Aimhigher Greater Manchester)

The session will include a brief overview of the statistical trends in part-time admissions to HE, a presentation on the approaches used in Aimhigher to track learners and the impact of Aimhigher interventions on their progress and discussion of research methods and the uses of data for targeting. 

Questions will be raised about the ways in which researchers and practitioners frame an oppositional discourse and could do things differently.

Discussion groups will include: 

  • Trend data in part-time applicants and entrants. 
  • Taking the evidence from Aimhigher - how could/does this translate into research? 
  • Making a difference in widening participation - the responsibilities of researchers and practitioners

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