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Anne Hale
3 November 2011 Teachers and educational strategies are expected to be the primary resources as children experience different and sometimes conflicting cultural contexts. Early educators can play an integral role as young children move through fluid identities and start recognizing and navigating within and across spaces of cultural differences—e.g., between home cultures and the socially-dominant school culture.  This multi-year action research study pays particular attention to the process whereby an early childhood teacher investigated, problematised, and challenged the nature of curriculum and practices in a diverse preschool classroom. The project focuses on the role of action research in fostering culturally-relevant teaching. It analyzes an early childhood teacher’s shifting perceptions of what it means to engage in culturally-relevant teaching, respecting and honouring cultural diversities

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Following on from the above article, the following article discusses 'the complexities of addressing issues of cultural diversities'  and valuing all cultures in early years settings.  It uses the EYFS as an example of how guidance to practitioners can be ambiguous and how it fails to recognise the varied, mixed and changing cultural and racial groups that individuals belong to.  As with the above article the author stresses the importance that families play in supporting an inclusive curriculum.

Ang, L. (2010) 'Critical perspectives in cultural diversity in early childhood: building an inclusive curriculum and provision.' Early Years: Journal of International Research and Development, Mar 2010, Vol. 30. Issue 1, p41-52



Sarah James
12:32 on 12 November 2011

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David Palmer
9:45pm 15 November 2011 (Edited 9:47pm 15 November 2011)

This link to the NSPCC website may be helpful.  It looks at several case studies of how cultural diversity can be catered for through good practice, and identifies common factors for successful engagement.

Look for the article entitled 'Engaging effectively with black and minority ethnic parents in children's and parental services'.

Margaret Daniels
11:33am 2 December 2011

Thanks for the link, David!  It includes some very helpful resources.

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