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Cloud created by:

Yannis Dimitriadis
4 November 2011

The participants are:

  1. A limited number of researchers from each organizing group
  • UPF (5): Jonathan Chacón, Javier Melero, Patricia Santos, Josep Blat, Davinia Hernández-Leo (Nov. 14-15 only, except Jonathan Chacón: Nov. 14-16)
  •  UC3M (7): Carlos Delgado, Hugo Parada, Mar Pérez, Diego Morillo, José Jesús García, Israel Gutiérrez, Carmen Fernández (Nov 14-15 only, except Israel Gutiérrez: Nov. 14-16)
  •  UVA (a varying subset due to local restrictions):
  • Doctors: Yannis Dimitriadis, Eduardo Gómez, Juan Ignacio Asensio, Miguel Bote, Iván Jorrín, Eloy Villasclaras, Alejandra Martínez, Inés Ruiz, Bartolomé Rubia, Rocío Anguita,  Guillermo Vega, Federico Simross
  • Doctoral students: José Antonio Marcos, Sara Villagrá, Sara García, Beatriz Carramolino, Luis Pablo Prieto, Juan Alberto Muñoz, María Jesús Rodríguez, Rafael Cano, Osmel Bordies
  • Developers: David Velasco, Javier Aragón, Javier Hoyos (only on Wednesday, Nov. 16)
  • Five external national-international researchers:
  • Dai Griffiths, University of Bolton, UK (also in the UPF EEE team)
  • Sergio Gutiérrez, London Knowledge Laboratory, UK (also in the UC3M EEE team)
  • Linda Castaneda, University of Murcia (also in the UC3M EEE team)
  • Stavros Demetriadis, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Yannis Magnisalis, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Bob Stake, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (via audio-conference)
  • A limited number (3) of educational practitioners involved in the research projects,
    •  Luis Ángel Rojo (principal of primary school of “Ana de Austria”, Cigales): Probably, only Nov. 16
    • Javier Prieto (professor of ICT at secondary education at Medina del Campo): Probably, only Nov. 16
    • Juan Carlos González (professor of ICT at “Juan de Juni” secondary education school, Valladolid): Almost all days
  • A limited number (3) of representatives of companies involved in the projects, on Tuesday, Nov. 16.
    • Francisco Gómez and Cristina Sandoval, Visual Tools
    • Juan Andrés Garcia, Hewlett Packard

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Gráinne Conole
1:31pm 9 November 2011

Sorry I am going to miss this looks excellent will follow remotely


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