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Learning Design Lecture in LAMS

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Chris Alexander
9 November 2011


Keywords: interactive lecture, learning design, researching

Subject: learning design

In this high-quality multimedia lecture (to be included in a computer assisted language course), I will present some of my viewpoints on current trends in learning design. The lecture therefore commences with a look at two well-known definitions of learning design and then discusses Gráinne Conole's new book on learning design. After that, I describe some of the better-known pedagogic planners suggesting that we now should be moving to second-generation planners that are able to create high-quality runnable versions. There is also some discussion on the universal learning design trend to share/reuse good ideas. Next, a detailed explanation of the way I go about designing e-learning courses is described and an example of a full LAMS e-lecture on computer assisted language learning and a full LAMS e-course on research methods in Applied Linguistics and TESOL is provided. Finally, I draw attention to the need to think about what learning actually is and I also emphasise the importance of keeping up with technology. This lecture therefore may be of interest to those currently involved in, or new to, learning design. It may also be a useful reference point for TEL students.

Students have a variety of activities in which to engage and they are expected to think critically and research aspects of learning design.

Audience: students, teachers, researchers interested in learning design

Run time: about 2 hours

Delivery Mode: fully online or could be used in a blended learning context

Resources: variety of high quality multimedia resources

Outline of Activities: QAs, video share, forum, share resources, submission



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