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Activity: 30 mins: OULDI Course Features

This activity is to be used near the beginning of the design/ redesign process.

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Rebecca Galley
11 November 2011

Learning Design: create, share, import, test, exportThe aim of the activity is to help you begin to think about, discuss  and share the key features of your course or module.  This activity is best used near the beginning of the design/ redesign process but can also be used to review an existing course or module prior to redesign.

There is an introductory video about the activity a bit further down this page and the card pack is available to print off here (pdf)

 1. Cut up the cards and choose a maximum of 12 which define the key features of your course/ module (either existing or planned). Just stick the ones you don't want into a pile at the side.

 If you are just having a look at the tool and are not currently designing a learning event, you may wish to use the scenario outlined below:

 As part of your institution's widening participantion strand, you have been asked to design an optional 'Study skills/ preparing to learn' module. This module will be offered to all students approaching level 1 HE/ level 4 FE and 'strongly recommended' to those who feel themselves to be less confident about study at a higher level.

 The module will be worth 10 credits (100 hours of study) and will be delivered over the summer break using a 'Blended Learning' approach.

 Design problems include: potentially high student numbers, minimal IT support, students at risk of not completing, mixed experience of learning and technology, low learning confidence/ resilience...etc etc

 2. Once you have decided on 12, have a look at your cards. Are any colour of cards missing? If so, what might be the impact on student experience? Orange=Guidance and Support, Blue=Content and Experience, Green=Communication and Collaboration, Purple=Reflection and Demonstration.

 3. If you would like to, you can continue with your design by adding your key features to a Course Map template (Excel version), and begin the process of identifying the tools and resources that would best meet your design requirements.

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Course features activity: introductory video

Course features activity: introductory video

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