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Webcast of morning sessions

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John Rose-Adams
15 November 2011

A webcast of the morning sessions from Wide Open 2011 is available to OU staff from this link.

Keynote Lecture

Liz Marr, Director of the Centre for Inclusion and Curriculum gives a keynote lecture exploring the scope of widening participation; the importance of theory to inform understanding of issues around widening participation; and new challenges for widening participation and social inclusion in higher education.

Panel DebateWhat do we know? What do we need to know? Setting a research and scholarship agenda for widening participation at the Open University

Rajay Naik, Fiona Reeve, Jeremy Roche, Will Swann and Jo Wiggans will explore with the delegation the possibilities for a research and scholarship agenda.

The Open University and research and scholarship of widening participation, Alan Tait, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Curriculum and Qualifications)

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