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Tool: OpenGLM

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Michael Derntl
15 November 2011


OpenGLM is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Installing consists of downloading a ZIP file and extracting the contents to any folder on your computer. Stepwise:

  1. Get the OpenGLM 1.1.106 package from
  2. Extract the package contents to any directory on your computer
  3. Start the application oglm.exe (Windows) or (Mac OS X), or oglm (Linux)
  4. If step 3 fails, it is likely that you have you do not have the newest version of the Java runtime (JRE 1.6) installed on your computer. You can get it for free from  from


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A (very) brief intro to OpenGLM

A (very) brief intro to OpenGLM

added by Michael Derntl


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