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The transformational role of social mobile media in the context of the Nepalese medical education system, Christoph Pimmer, Sebastian Linxen

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John Cook
18 November 2011

In this contribution the transformational potential of social mobile media in developing countrieswill be addressed from a socio-cultural perspective. Networking sites – like Facebook – that are often accessed by means of mobiles are highly popular in developing contexts. They can be regarded as a catalyst for mobile internet use in general. From a learning perspective they enable students and teachers to participate in social professional communities beyond local and even national boundaries. The technological artifacts do not only lead to new and emerging educational practices in informal learning contexts, they also affect the overall educational system. The on-going change has to be critically viewed with respect to media literacy, privacy as well as to ethical and legal issues. In the light of the achievement of the UN Development goals it’s pedagogic implications, however, appear to be far more powerful than those of the numerous initiatives that distribute technology and knowledge - bottom up - in formal learning settings.

The arguments will be underpinned with examples from the presenters’ own research on the Nepalese medical education system. In addition, they will briefly discuss their findings with respect to current theoretical approaches.

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Christoph Pimmer
15:49 on 21 November 2011

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Yishay Mor
12:55pm 21 November 2011

very interesting talk! I hope to see the presentation, paper, and links to project data here.

Christoph Pimmer
3:50pm 21 November 2011

Here is the presentation, Paper is currently being written :-)

Christoph Pimmer
4:32pm 21 November 2011


John Cook
5:22am 22 November 2011

I just embedded the slides above :-)

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