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Informal learning in ‘social mobile’ contexts and school-based mobile learning, Ben Bachmair

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John Cook
18 November 2011

My basic experience of social mobile contexts and their learning potential is a strong resistance by schools  as formal learning institution. This paper considers the interrelationship of mobile / smart phones, the social web and institutionalized, formal school-based learning with a focus on notions of “widening contexts” and “conversational threads”. These categories stem from the LMLG flyer on “Parameters and focal points for planning and evaluation of mobile learning” (Bachmair, B., Pachler, N. and Cook, J. 2011) and the examples given are taken from recent British and German school projects on at-risk learners. In a second step I will discuss schools' institutional resistance to social mobile contexts and their learning potential in the light of selected recent German research results on media with particular emphasis on use the condition of media convergence.

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