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SEDA day 2 keynote, Supporting risk-taking cultures in teachers and learners - lessons learnt

by Julie (Jane) Hughes, University of Wolverhampton. (Live-blogged)

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Nick Freear
18 November 2011

[Missed the first 5 minutes :(. Live blogged, please excuse the typos] ... ...

"...Conole said we haven't moved that much"

Diane Laurillard 2007) "In teaching... currently, we tend to use technology to support trad modes ofteachnig we scercely have the infrastructer the trainning the bhabits or the acces to new cehnology tobe optimising its ujust yet"

Cathie 2008
I felt confinedt that I knew what I was doing, However, looking back I would thay that was a false perspective... I am a Luddite, I fear, in that I like the feel of pencil on paper... Feedback

Looking awry and theorising

E-learning o often talked about as a trojan mouse (Sharpe and Oliver 2007

Give pedagogy back to the teachers (Laurillard 2007)

Pedagogy shift - (e)-portfolio ways of being (Yancey & Weiser, 20..)

Unpredictable rhizomatic growth (Not linear)

Rhizome as model/map for unpredictability
Lateral, multi-forked root system

Para-professionals, nursing

Web 2.0 ways of teaching and learning?

(From the 1990s to the mid 200s) websites tended to be like separate gardens...
...web 2.0 is like a shared allotment...
-David Gauntlett 2011, p.5-7

[missing] Conole and Aleviou, 2010?

The will to live in creative spaces and their associated temporal rhythims require positive courage.

Bicycles came to be appropriated in the struggle for women's emancipation... record

simply put, the bicycle allowed for movement into new spaces, literally and figuratively *it was) viewed as a tool for progressive freedom. Hendrick

Towards nirvana?
Today, over one billion people in the world use bicycles and the bicycle is the principal means of transportation in many parts of the world (Heinz Wolff)

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Nick Freear
9:58am 18 November 2011 (Edited 9:59am 18 November 2011)

Comment from (SEDA editor): "Controlled enthusiasm", "bribery" etc. in use of new technology, for 10-20 years. Now, OFSTED inspections, "how much do you use a VLE?" Teachers - they just have to do something with technology...

Response: - you have to justify, argue your case. "Resilient, don't just be compliant"

Nick Freear
10:06am 18 November 2011 (Edited 10:09am 18 November 2011)

Another comment: "I'm very interested in [points about] risk taking and risk-aversion" (para-phrasing).

Para-phrasing: "How can you use the messy compost-heap of technology in HE." Risky for careers.

"Registrars would like us to compost over the front-gardens", "Tidy up"

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