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Reporter 2 notes and debate .

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John Cook
21 November 2011

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Extra content

Yishay Mor: The Interweaved Fabrics of Reality...

  • specific & semi-stable patterns: practices
  • techno-pedagogic design,
  • material, social, intentional realms / spaces
  • creating by visualisations: narratives, maps, storyboards
  • learning with social mobile technologies
  • amplify/fragment the cohesion of experiences

Ben Bachmair: Informal learning in ‘social mobile’ contexts...

  • resistance by schools against informal learning
  • (BUT: social mobile contexts)
  • didactic model & didactic design
  • "widening contexts" & "conversational threads"
  • school projects on at-risk learners
  • everyday life media sets

Judith Seipold: M-Learning: potential, controversies and implications...

  • scientific process of mobile learning as a discipline
  • teaching & learning using mobile & convergent techn.
  • collaborative learning: structures & actors
  • learners’ agency, cultural practices, expertise & knowledge
  • didactic approaches informed by socio-cultural ecology

Holotescu, Grosseck: Connecting formal and informal learning in HE...

  • integrate learning into HE
  • microblogging: co-, re-, created, validated, disseminated
  • social networks through mobile technologies
  • formalized social network of PLEs
  • learning practices w/ mobile multimedia
  • two levels: technological and pedagogical



How should teaching and learning using mobile
and convergent technologies and practices be realised ?

  • compulsory school learning poses special challenges
  • qustion of design of learning & teaching
  • practice vs theory & academia
  • formality vs. informality
  • the role of teachers & learners

Klaus Rummler
15:13 on 21 November 2011 (Edited 16:05 on 21 November 2011)

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Research questions & outlines

Research questions & outlines

added by Klaus Rummler

added by Klaus Rummler


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