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ePortfolio and web-based skills information

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The Cloudworks Team
14 March 2008

An ePortfolio and website based course that helps science, maths, computing and technology-based PhD students research, plan, reflect on and gain evidence for the generic skills they learn during their studies. [James Bruse]

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Carolyn Hunt
11:25am 30 March 2010

Was interested to look at the link but access denied. Is this the right place to mention it? Sorry, new to this!

Louise Horstmanshof
7:02am 25 April 2012 (Edited 7:03am 25 April 2012)

I am in the same boat as Carolyn.  Clearly I don't know how to use this resource.  I keep going around in circles being asked to add things, but not getting access to anything.  I am interested in eportfolios and would like to know more.  Please tell me how to access the info.  Thanks

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